OBS HS 5-day Camp 2021 — LoveJoyPeace

Welcome back to LoveJoyPeace for another monthly post! 💓 glad to be back for a round of a LONG post here! ~ before reading on to find out what I did beginning of this month, time yourself and see how long you took to read this post! let me know in the comments section how […]…

Orchids @ the National Orchid Garden Singapore

❤ It’s been awhile since I posted ~ I have been pretty busy with school lately.. Term 4 is starting next week and there are tests to be completed … Orchids @ the National Orchid Garden Singapore

Pan-fried Shishamo

❤️‍🔥 It has been quite a while since I last posted a recipe! So I thought I would finally post a food recipe up today along with a video vlog/… Pan-fried Shishamo

✨ seventeen ✨ — LoveJoyPeace

❤️ 15 March 2021 ❤️ Today is the day I officially turn seventeen! OH YESSS!!! I really can’t believe I’m already seventeen years old – nearer to twenty.. And today is going to be an awesome day cause it’s my birthday! YAY and HURRAY! 🎈 IT’S MY BIRTHDAY TODAY! ^ a picture of me when […]…